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Emergency Action Plans


Below is are guidelines to be used on site.

1.   Designate someone in charge of management of an emergency.

  • Typically this will fall to the Coach or any other elected Board member preset
  • AED/Defibrillator is located at the Concession stand

2.   Ideally, at a minimum basic first aid kit is to be kept with the coach at all times with materials to clean, cover, or immobilize an injured body part should be on site.

3.   Make sure cell phone access is available for 911 calls. If not, have a back-up plan for contacting emergency need. Have needed emergency numbers on site.

4    Ideally at the youth level, more than one adult should be present to deal with the emergency and the other team members.

5.   Ideally at the youth level, a phone chain should be established to notify parents of appropriate situation. Emergency contact information located on website or coaches should be able to use website to text parents.

6.  Know where the closest emergency care is located and how to give directions to emergency personnel, if necessary.

7.  Send an adult to the complex entrance/parking lot to guide ambulance personnel. 

8.  Person in charge must control the scene and initiate the above plan of action.

9.  In the case of an active shooter in the complex gather all o the children and move away from the scene, notify 911 and remain clear until scene is secure.