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The Culpeper Lacrosse Association is an all-volunteer organization.  We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to help keep the club successful.  It does not matter if you have experience in youth sports or volunteer organizations, we need your help.  We are always looking for:

  • Coaches - CLA is looking for head coaches and assistant coaches to run the youth teams.  No lacrosse experience necessary (although that certainly helps).  CLA will provide U.S. Lacrosse coaching education materials and clinics at no cost to you.  If you have ever wanted to coach a fast-paced sport aside from soccer, this is your chance.  


  • Team Managers - Coaches are important, but it is the team manager who ensures the team is organized, kept informed, and ready to step on the field.  Most of the team manager's duties are done at home, so do not let ability to attend team practices steer you away.  The coaches need and the club needs you.  To take an active role in the success of one of our teams, please volunteer as a team manager.  


  • Field Assistants - While we have some of the best fields in our area, CLA can always use the support of volunteers to get the fields ready for play.  Even if you cannot devote your time on a regular basis, we would appreciate your help whenever you possible.  Help ensure we provide the best venues for our players.  We are always looking for time keepers and field lining crews, so if interested please talk with a coach or a board memeber.    


  • Fundraising - The cost of supporting each CLA player is approximately $200 per season.  We count on fundraising, sponsorships, and donations to make up a large portion of this cost.  The club is looking for volunteers to assist with our season fundraisers.  We also need help recruiting business sponsors.  If you are a "people person," we could sure use your help.  


If none of the above appeals to you but you still would like to help, we will be happy to have you assist in any way you see fit.  If you are interested in volunteering or you have questions about how you can contribute time to the club, please contact a board member or coach.